We build truly Socially responsible portfolios

Did you know that many Socially Responsible portfolios include companies that profit from weapons, tobacco, alcohol, and fossil fuels? We’re fed up with this. We believe there should not be a trade off between the world you want and the companies you invest in.

We bring expertise... you join the movement

Our ESG experts do the research for you, curate the companies that make a real positive impact on the world, and assemble an ethical and diversified portfolio, tailored to your unique goals and risk appetite.

We create collective action… because money talks.

At EarthQuake, we believe investing is just the first step toward transforming the companies of today. Why? No company is perfect, even those we invest in. We’re here to push them to be even better. As our movement grows, EarthQuake will advocate on behalf of our investors, fighting for better ESG practices at our portfolio companies. The bigger we get, the bigger our impact will become.

Ready to Save Responsibly?

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