Sustainable investing made easy

The first app that help you grow your wealth and get a positive impact on the planet

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  • Climate Friendly

    We divest from the biggest polluters, not only oil & gas.

  • Gender Equal

    We are top quartile when it comes to gender equality.

  • Fair Pay

    We do not invest in companies overpaying their CEOs.

  • Secure savings

    Your savings are secured. Your stocks are held in one of the most secured custodian in the country.

  • Coop based

    We want you to be a member and have your voice count.

  • Returns focused

    We use the best portfolio management technique to change the planet and grow your wealth.

Avoid greenwashing - invest for the future you want

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    A portfolio for you

    We custom-build portfolios with our ESG investment team. Your investments automatically adjust when possible to reduce the impact of market volatility and keep you on track.

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    Real impact - full transparency

    Our impact tracker lets you evaluate your portfolio among the most important impact metrics. We show you how we perform even in places where we see improvement needed.

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    Give your shares a voice

    Owning shares is not enough. We use the power of your shares to files shareholder proposals and push companies to change.

Together we are stronger

  • Unleash the power of activism

    The shares in your portfolio are powerful. We use them to vote on the resolutions that matter and engage on proxy proposals.

  • Join a movement of thousands users

    Joining EarthQuake you are becoming part of a movement of responsible investors that want to align their savings with the world they want to see tomorrow.

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No compromise on performance

Our portfolio closely tracks the returns of the S&P500. Our ESG investing team selected a broad basket of companies to ensure diversification and impact.

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  • FINRA & SIPC insured

    Your account is SIPC-protected up to $500,000 including $250,000 in cash. 

  • SEC Registered Investment Advisor

    We are a registered investment advisor with the SEC. Our fiduciary duty is to act in your best interest.

  • Your stocks safe and secure

    Your stocks are held with Velox clearing a custodian with more than $1 billion of assets under custody

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We built EarthQuake so everyone can become an activist investor